Monday, October 20, 2008

How to lose money and internet ranking.

I am nothing if not honest. I am quick to point out the mistakes I've made along the way in the hopes of my people being able to avoid the same mistakes. This one ranks pretty high up there on the mistake-o-meter.

I am browsing and assessing the latest attacks by my online nemesis Carlos. This is a guy who I invested $125000 with into a bar in West Hollywood. He completely ripped me and several others off. I don't take that sitting down. I looked all over for him then when I couldn't find this slippery 5'3" scammer, I began posting warnings about him and his wife Nayda online. After about two days he started calling me and at first demanding and threatening me if I didn't take my posts down, then he began pleading. I said sure I'll take them down as soon as you pay me at least a fraction of the six figures I gave you that you skated off with. No payment was ever made, but he began posting things about me all over the interwebs under fake names accusing me of being fraudulent, shady, etc. If's that not the pot calling the kettle black I don't what what is. So now my Google ranking for sky minor tycoon, sky minor real estate, sky minor mortgage, etc returns several bogus rip off reports posted from "David", "Sam", "Rachel", etc. claiming amongst other things, that I'm a heroin junky, I am being investigated by the FBI/CIA/Secret Police/Music Critics for poor taste in pets and haircuts and "bad" loans. These fraudulent reports go further claming that I had brokered out loans that led to foreclosure (In Malibu, of all places. I wish I had done a loan in Malibu!) and a plethora of other 8th grade nonsense. I can't remove them, as the site rip-off report has a policy of never taking down bad reviews, be they contrived or not so all I can do is answer every single bogus complaint that Carlos throws at me from whatever city he is ripping people off in and appeal to the sense of the reader. Sigh. Tough lesson to learn. From what I can gather of the lesson so far it would be to don't deal with short people who you suspect are lying (your instinct is probably right), don't deal with people who claim to get "action on the side" cheating on their wives, and if you are not a good judge of character then you'd be better off leaving your money in a CD earning 3.75%. At least we can get something positive out of the ordeal.

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