Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rave Reviews for Sky Minor+Preferred Realty and Loan

Rave Reviews for Sky Minor and Preferred Realty and Loan.

From Jeannie G. 12/2009:

Special Thank You to PREFERRED REALTY & LOAN, Sky Minor, Rachel Mintz and especially my real estate agent Cesar Briones. Their hard work, talent, charm and limitless determination to
get me my house paid off. Frank and I look forward to turning this
house into a home for our family. Thank you guys, love you for fighting
with me for this house!!!

From Michelle C. 11/2009
: Driving around looking at open houses, I came across one of Sky's listings. As soon as he heard I would be going the FHA route, he was
straight-up and said why that house wasn't for me. We got to chatting
and it seemed like we had a similar mindset, plus he liked my tokidoki
bag...which meant he had decent taste :) I wanted a multi-family
property and my previous realtor had told me it would be near
impossible to find in the areas I wanted (Eagle Rock/Highland Park). I
don't think "impossible" exists in Sky's vocabulary.

offers later, about 20 houses walked-through and a 30 day escrow that
turned into almost 60 (thanks to my lender going out of business
mid-stream and Wells Fargo losing my file for a couple days), I have
the multi-unit property I wanted, have my first renter and am moving
into my unit this weekend...all before my first mortgage payment is due.

Sky found the property for me less than 3 days after it hit the market. We
made an offer immediately and, thankfully, it was accepted. He's really
up on technology...makes it easy to keep track of files when they're
digital and texting/email is so much more efficient than faxes and
voicemail. And in this market, a couple of hours lag could be costly as
to whether you get that offer in or not.

If not for Sky, theprocess would have literally made me INSANE. He stepped up while my first lender disappeared (while I was out of the country, no less) and
found another one with an amazing interest rate. He rolled with the
punches when I melted down because of all the FHA hoops we had to jump

This is serious grown-up stuff, but Sky isn't stuffy and uptight. He's the right balance between professional and chill. In the end, he got me exactly what I wanted and I'm still kind of stunned that I am an actual homeowner now!

From Megan C
. 5/2009:

Sky is the Limit.

He is wonderful, professional, smart, friendly... I definitely recommend Sky Minor.

From Ricky L. 3/2009:

Sky got me up and moving to find my first investment property. He
offered sound advice that I initially thought was too conservative, but
he ended up being right about what he was saying. He found me a
terrific duplex that is my first cash-flow rental property but not my
last! Thank you, Sky.

From Jon R. 7/2008

I've never encountered another real estate agent with more concern for
getting the best house for ME, at exactly the right time with a killer
interest rate on my mortgage. Sky's been infinitely patient and aided
me in searching for exactly what i want in a house as well as advising
me on the exact moment to by. It's a true no pressure approach and the
man understands the housing/loan market better than anyone I've ever
encountered. I can tell some of the other agent's I worked with before
I found Sky are only interested in a quick commission pushing you to
make offers on houses that don't even make sense... Or not putting in
any legwork at all! Seriously, i didn't make an offer on anything for
the first five months I was shopping with Sky and it was at his urging

because he felt the market was still dropping! Now I'm looking at
buying an AMAZING house for cheaper than I ever Imagined....


From Miki H 5/2009:

Sky sold an investment property for us. He got full asking price in less than two days. The buyer had a tough time getting his financing together, and took over a month to close, but I credit Sky for sticking with it.

From Bastien B. 8/2009

It was really a pleasure to work with Sky in finding-buying my new home. He has the ability, in today's complex real estate market, to make any complicated situation simple. He really went the extra mile in helping me finding the perfect house and all his advises were extremely valuable.

It's sometimes difficult to find a Real Estate Agent that you can really trust, and Sky's realistic and judicious advices made the purchase of my house totally easy and smooth with only good surprises!

I definitely thank him for making my dream come true in such a professional and friendly way.


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