Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am developing a new condo fetish.

I just showed a pair of awe-inspiring foreclosed condos in a new building off Wilshire in K-Town. They were sooooo nice it was amazing. I have always been a proponent of older homes because they have character and charm but these new places are jaw-droppingly cool and there is no repair work to be done! It is not a bad thing to have something be shiny and new. It may not be unique but it can have charm and character. I am really turning over a new leaf here and appreciating newly built properties. There are a ton of them in the hottest areas of Koreatown, on Wilshire by the metro stations, the world famous Kareoke Dive Brass Monkey, the Big Lebowski inspired Shatto Bowling alley and a myriad of bumping Korean nightclubs that remind me more of Vegas than L.A. New condos are where it's at!

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Sky Minor said...

New condos are pretty hot! I can see why you would develop a fetish for them.